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Our fragrances are made up of approximately 60% natural oils, resins and absolutes. Some formulas are 100% natural, some less so, depending on the product in question. Many of our fragrances are formulated to add treatment properties to the product; for example, chamomile blue has a high azulene content, which may have a soothing effect on the skin and anti-inflammatory properties.



At Lush we invent our own products and fragrances.  Every natural essential oil is made up of a complex mixture of chemicals. Plants are little chemical factories and produce oils in order to fight disease, attract pollinators and perform many other functions. Some of the chemicals in natural essential oils are formed during processing of the material and did not exist in the plant to start off with. This is the case with orris butter, which starts its life as the rhizome of an iris plant, but ends up as one of the most valuable perfumery materials in use today through long drying and processing.

Citrus oils tend to be fairly simple and are easy to mimic using synthetics. We prefer using the real thing. Rose oil and rose absolute are expensive and chemically complex, with around 350 components making up the whole oil. In traditional perfumery and particularly the manufacture of soap and bath product fragrances, natural materials are usually omitted in favour of cheaper synthetics.

We like to start with natural oils and build up fragrances around them, using synthetic materials to support the formulae. The synthetic ingredients we use may be existing components of materials. For example, adding geraniol to a rose and geranium fragrance will tie together the ‘chemical daisy chain’ because both of these natural materials contain geraniol. We also use synthetic musk rather than the musk from animals and some aromas that are impossible to obtain from nature, e.g. for pineapple scents.


Perfume can be found in these products
Products with this ingredient
Perfume can be found in these products
Smelling fabulous is your destiny
Brightens and softens
Bath Bomb
Take the sting out
Hand Cream
Relief for hard-worked hands


The men who spread perfume wherever they go...

Meet Simon and Mark Constantine, the Gorilla Perfumers, and venture into their scent-sory world...

Lush is a fragrance company. We create fragrances for nearly every new product we make, and it is often those fragrances that make a best seller, or not.

"That is exactly the point. If you take a Lush bath, you could be bathing in pure rose otto," explains Gorilla co-founder and perfumer Mark Constantine. "Really, for the last, I don't know how many, 100 years, no-one has done that. No-one has ever given you those sorts of raw materials to bathe in."

But we do. And it's not just our bath, body and hair care that feature Lush-ious fragrances. Inspired by the work they do for Lush, but wanting to push themselves to the bounds of their creativity in perfumery, Simon and Mark founded Gorilla Perfume as the artistic expression of a perfumer father and his perfumer son using scent as a tool to interpret the world around them.

Perfume's the point

The scents for all our products are made above 29 High Street. Mark and Simon share a workbench and cupboards full of essential oils and work across from each other.

Mark is a self-taught perfumer. When Lush began there was no money to pay perfume houses for ready-made formulas so he quickly learned the art of blending and creating fragrances. One of those first formulas was Karma, which is still one of our best selling fragrances. Simon started in the business as a compounder, and learnt perfumery alongside his father as well as an old colleague Jeff Brown.

Simon is Head Buyer for Lush as well as our Head Perfumer. His work takes him all over the world and some of these research and buying trips can be a little bit off the beaten track. But he always makes sure he brings back the finest, and fairest, ingredients to work with. The result of his work in Ethical Buying infuses Gorilla Perfume with a deep knowledge and respect for materials we use in our perfumery ensuring they are ultimately the very best. At the age of twenty-six, he made Breath of God based on his travels in Tibet. This was his first five star perfume, as rated by Tania Sanchez, co-author of Perfumes: The A-Z Guide.

Taking inspiration from music, we release albums of fragrance, with each perfume a song on that album – that’s why there is such a great deal of variety in our fine fragrances. Most fragrance houses only launch one perfume every twelve to eighteen months; in our new collection of perfumes alone, we have 12 fragrances.

The first fragrance the duo worked on together was Dear John, an ode to Mark's own father. "If you're into expression as a form of perfumery then I'd be proud about a lot of my work. As a method of expression I like it," says Mark.

For us, fragrance is about expression. Whether capturing a wistful memory, taking influence from a musical muse or creating a scent for a certain magical moment, our perfumers use fragrance to express themselves. Their craft, creativity and artistic expression flows through our shops, into our customer’s bathrooms and bedrooms and onto the skin, the most wonderful of canvases to cover in glorious perfume.

"If you take a Lush bath, you could be bathing in pure rose otto."

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